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Augmented Reality (AR) Measurements Setup

Note: The Measurement tool is in Beta. Keep in mind that this option can not be used if Gallery View is enabled.

Enable Measurements in Collaboration Profile

Step 1: Scroll to the bottom of the Collaboration Profile and enable it by toggling to the ON position.

You can also configure the Measurement Unit as either Imperial (inch) or Metric (cm) by select type. When you are finished remember to scroll up and press SAVE.

Step 2: The Agent will need to start the process during the Blitzz session by clicking on the icon at the bottom right of the tool bar.

Step 3: The Guest will start the process on their end by clicking on More menu and then on Measure.

They will need to have the mobile app to use the Measurement tool.

Highly recommended that the Guest download the latest version of the mobile app.


The Guest will see the following screen:

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