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  • This article allows you to customize the SMS and EMail Invite that is sent to your guest users to join a call
  • WhatsApp Invites cannot be customized to comply with Facebook Guidelines
  • The same text body will be used for both, SMS and Email Invites
  • There are certain limitations to the length and special characters (see below)


Step 1: Create a Template

Edit your existing default template

If you don't need to send different invites, you can simply edit the default template. To edit, click on the triple dots to edit your default template.

Note: Each account can have only one default template. 

Or creating a new template

You can create new templates if you send invites in more than one language, or if you support different use cases. There are 2 ways to create a new template:

  1. Clone an existing template: you can clone an existing template and modify it. This will copy the text from an existing template that you clone from. You will be able to edit the template after cloning it.
  2. New Template: User the New Template button to create a template from scratch.
  3. Fill out the details in the popup window:
    • Template Name: This is the name of the template and will be visible before you send an invite. Try to use a friendly name. (Eg. French Invite, Recording ON, etc)
    • Message Body: This is the message that will be sent to the end-user. This is the same for SMS and EMail Intes.
    • Preview: This is the non-editable field showing a preview of your message.

Message body limitations:

  • 100 Character limit: We limit this to a maximum of 100 characters to keep it short, and in compliance with our GDPR/privacy communication policies.
  • Special characters: We understand and respect the need for special characters in most languages, however, they are sometimes misrepresented by SMS carriers or blocked depending on the region and so we do not support to ensure high delivery rates. Following special characters are allowed:

0-9 (Digits)
a-z (Lowercase letters)
A-Z (Uppercase letters)
. (Full stop)
/ (Forward Slash)

The image below shows an example of using different templates for different use cases

Step 2: Assigning the Template to a collaboration profiles

After you have created your template, you will need to assign them to specific Collaboration Profiles. (Each collaboration profiles can have only one template).

  1. Navigate to Settings > Collaboration Profiles
  2. Select the Collaboration Profiles you would like to assign the template to and click Save.



Step 3: Test your template

  1. Navigate to the Agent Portal and create a new session
  2. Select the collaboration profiles if you have more than one
  3. Preview the message in the preview box


What does an SMS invite look like?

What does an Email invite look like?

  1. Email Subject will be the same as your Company Name
  2. Sender name will be the same as your Company Name
  3. Sender's email address is always (Can I change this?)
  4. Your company logo
  5. Message body text
  6. Link to join the call

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