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Note: Call Recording is an premium add-on feature. Please confirm with your domain for recording limits and associated charges.

Enable Call Recording

Step 1: Create a collaboration profiles with call recording enabled

Step 2: Scroll down to recording and select your preferred option from the drop-down

Based on your plan, you will have different options like join a call with recording, or allow the agent to enable/disable recording. 

How do I know if the call is recorded?

Calls that are recorded will have a REC icon at the top right, and agents will see a notification.

Host View:


Guest View:


When will the recordings be available?

Call recordings are generally available within 20-30 minutes of the call depending on the duration of the call, and the queue ahead of you.

Where can I view the Call Recordings?

Recordings are found in the Session Details section. A count of available Recording is found in the Action area shown below. You can download the recordings for your review.

Note: If Custom Storage has been set up, the recordings will be pushed to your repository and are accessible to whoever has access to the storage. Please contact your IT/Security team for access. 

Who has access to the recordings?

Recordings are only accessible to the user who creates a session from the Blitzz Web application.

File Naming

  • All recorded files will be stored in a single folder named by the 9 digit code. (Eg. 123123123)
  • There will be a separate file every time the call disconnects and reconnects.
  • Filename: domain_reference_timestamp_recording_number.mp4

File Format

Recordings are stored in standard MP4 file format.

Note: Recording uses about 65MB of storage per ten minutes of video call. This is an approximation since the resolution and types of video or screen sharing content could change the amount of storage used.


Windows OS: On windows, MP4 files can be played in Windows Media Player.

Mac OS: MP4 files can be played directly by QuickTime player on a Mac.

If you have trouble with any of the players above, you can also playback the MP4 files using a VLC player (download).


  • When no one is sharing a video, you will see a black screen in the recorded file.
  • If Gallery View is enabled the video will include all the participants
  • Live Chat will not be recorded

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