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Request Guest Name before they join

To request Guests to enter their name before they connect, please enable the feature from your Collaboration Profiles settings.

For security and privacy reasons, only the Host (Agent) will see the names of all participants. Participant names (including host name) will not be visible to Guest Participants.

To do so:

  1. Sign in as an Admin and navigate to the Admin Portal and Click Collaboration profiles.
  2. Select the Collaboration Profile you would like to configure
  3. Scroll down to Request Guest Name and enable the setting.
  4. Here you also have the option to make it mandatory or optional.

Guest name will only be visible to the Host (Agent). Here are a few examples where the names will be visible

  1. In the participants' Menu during a call
  2. In-call chat messages during a call
  3. Next to the Location co-ordinates during a call (if this feature is enabled)
  4. Live location (if this feature is enabled)
  5. Saved Chat messages (if auto-save chat is enabled)

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