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Video Resolution: Change Resolution During a Call

Blitzz allows you to configure the resolution of your video call to optimize for low bandwidth use cases. 

You might also want to decrease the quality of your video if you experience:

  • Video or audio delays
  • Poor network connection
  • Low battery
  • Limited data available
  • Other quality issues

To do so:

  1. Login as Admin > Settings > Call Experience
  2. Select your call experience, and scroll down to Video Quality. Select one of the options 
    • Low Bandwidth: Low Bandwidth video uses less bandwidth and computer power, but your camera will send a lower quality picture.
    • Adaptive (recommended)This provides a clearer picture but requires more bandwidth and computer power. 
    • High quality: High quality provides the clearest picture but requires the most bandwidth and computer power. (Best on computers with a quad-core CPU or higher)

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