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Smart Routing for high quality video calls

TL;DR: Blitzz Smart Routing introduces features to uplevel the quality and security of your video calls. Please contact us to enable this feature on your domain. 

What is Smart Routing?

Smart Routing uses an algorithm to improve audio and video quality. Blitzz calls are automatically routed to use a direct connection between the participants when possible. This allows Blitzz to more efficiently route your call directly to the person you're talking to, rather than connecting the call through one of Blitzz' servers. Each participant talks directly with each other participant.

Think of smart routing as non-stop flights vs flying through a hub airport somewhere.

Advantages of Smart Routing

  1. Improved vide quality - Smart Routing improves video quality in low bandwidth regions when call recording is not used by routing audio and video directly between the participants, and not going through a Blitzz server.

  2. Improved security - Smart Routing provides End-to-End Encryption.

  3. Larger Group Calls: Group calls can now support up to 50 participants per call. (Default max limit is still 4 participants. If you need to add additional participants to your group call, please contact us.)

What happens when Call Recording is enabled?

If you have call recording enabled for your Collaboration Profiles, smart routing will route the call through Blitzz servers (select a region of your choice). As a result, media is not E2E encrypted as the Blitzz Server keeps media unencrypted in memory, to process it. (If you are interested in encrypted recording, please contact sales)

The following picture illustrates Smart Routing with Call Recording

Network Quality Indicator (coming soon)

Network Quality Indicator uses an algorithm that ingests both Client and Server metrics and computes a Network Quality Level for each participant. This is currently available without smart routing and is scheduled to be made available soon with Smart Routing.

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