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With Blitzz, you can also have your smartphone users share their screen. This is helpful in troubleshooting an app on your customer's phone, or co-browsing an invoice/bill.


Screenshare requires the smart-phone user to install the Blitzz ShowMe app (lightweight quick download).  Mobile browsers do not support screen sharing capabilities. 

Image below shows a guest user sharing their screen from an Android Device:

Here is how it works

Step 1: Create Collaboration Profiles to force the guest users to download the app (force app download). With this, when they click on the link in SMS, they will be taken to the App Store/Play Store to download Blitzz ShowMe App.

Step 2: Create a new session with the collaboration profiles that supports "Force App Download".

Alternatively,  If you prefer not to create separate Collaboration Profiles, you can request the Mobile user to download the app by clicking on the Settings Icon > Open in App.


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