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How to screen share on a computer

How to screen share

  1. Chrome provides the best screen sharing experience. You can also screen share in Safari, Firefox, and Edge.
  2. Click the Share button at the bottom center of your screen to share. (Ensure screen share is enabled from Collaboration Profiles)
  3. A popup will appear, click on what you'd like to share. In Chrome, select either your Entire Screen, an Application Window, or a Chrome tab.
  4. Click the Share button in the popup. If the button is grayed out, that means you haven't clicked on what you'd like to share. Go back to step 2, above.

Stopping a screen share

  • Click the Stop button in the controller, lower left.
  • Click the Stop sharing button in the banner at the top right of your screen.
  • Click the blue Stop sharing button in the Chrome banner (screen shot below).

Other notes

  • To share a slide deck or presentation, select your Entire Screen. 
  • If you still can't screen share, refresh Chrome.
  • If you have multiple displays, the Entire Screen tab will let you pick which monitor you'd like to share.
  • The Chrome popup can be repositioned anywhere on your screen — giving you quick access to end your screen share.
  • Screenshare is supported by Chrome / Firefox / Safari 11+
  • If you use an older version Chrome, please update your browser
  • Requesting a mobile user to Screenshare is not currently supported in Safari 11+. They will need to install the light-weight ShowMe app from play store / app store.

Seeing infinite windows like the one below?

This is happening because you as the host or agent have selected the browser tab that is your own Blitzz portal and this causes these infinite windows because you are sharing the window which is sharing the same window and so on and so forth. At this point, simply click stop sharing, then click share screen but make sure you select a different browser tab or if you are sharing the entire screen, move away from the Blitzz screen by clicking on the actual screen or a different browser tab you want to share with the guest.

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