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Getting Started on Windows or Mac


Follow this article to learn about the basic features of the Agent Portal on Windows using Chrome Browser and Mac using Safari Browser.


Sign In

  1. Go to or your custom domain URL (eg. {company}
  2. Enter your email address and the default password that was provided to you in an email. If you don't know your password, contact your admin or our support team.
  3. Click Sign In
Note: You can also login using SSO if your company has an SSO integration setup.

If you have an account but cannot remember your password, click Forgot Password.

On Desktop

After signing in, you will see the Blitzz Desktop, where you can start a new session:

  1. On the right, if you click on your name a Profile Menu appears with access to setting your Language, Opening Settings, or to see Reports (depending on User Type).
  2. On the left is your Session History and with details available when you click on one.
  3. On the bottom left are Invite buttons; Invite Guest - not a user and Invite Contact - a user from your domain. An alternative option that may be displayed is Start A New Session.

Select How to Invite Guest

It is simple to invite someone to a video session from your Agent Portal. In fact, there are multiple options to choose from. Each of these options will be displayed on the following pages. Keep in mind that you can have up to 4 participants in one session. Everyone will be able to participate in the session, just remember that the Agent has more options then the other participants.

Remind your participants that they do not have to download an app to join the session, in fact nothing will be stored on their device. Their privacy is also our concern, all we ask is that they allow access to their microphone, camera and location (if this is required for this use case).

Prior to selecting an Invite Option the Enter Session Details screen is displayed. The Reference field provides an enter point for why this session is being completed, example an address, permit number, inspection number, service call number, etc. After entering the information press Next to move to the Select How to Invite Screen.

Send an SMS Invite

  1. Enter your participant’s mobile phone number in the field.
  2. Click the “Invite and Join” button.

An SMS message will be sent to the customer. This message contains a link. As the guest clicks on this link. Please make sure that they click CONNECT and click ALLOW for location, microphone, and video. Remind them they are not required to download an app to use have a Video session.

Alternative Ways To Send An Invite

In addition to sending an SMS invite. The image below shows that a guest can be invited using WhatsApp (if enabled), Email, Session Code, or receiving a Link.

  • WhatsApp - enter the participant's phone number and click on Invite and Join.
  • Invite by Email - enter the guest’s email address and click on Invite and Join.
  • Copy Session Code - copy the Session Code, have the user go to and enter code.
  • Copy Link to Share - copy the link and have the participant paste it in a Chrome or Safari browser.

Disconnect Call

To disconnect the call, click the Disconnect button.

Mute / Unmute

  1. Click the Unmute button to activate the microphone. Click the button again to Mute the microphone.
  2. When microphone is active it will appear green in the menu bar.
Note: You may not want to utilize this functionality if you are speaking with the customer on the phone to avoid noise and feedback.

Start/Stop Video

  1. Click the Start Video button to activate the web portal camera. Click the button again to stop the camera. Note: if you as the Agent presses Start Video, your device camera will become active and the User will see you!
  2. When the camera is active it will appear green in the menu bar.

Take Photo

  1. Select Take Photo from the menu bar at the bottom of the Desktop. This will capture a high-quality picture from the video stream utilizing the Users device camera.
  2. The photo is automatically saved to the session history.
  3. You cannot markup or utilize any other functionality once a photo is captured.


  1. Select Markup from the menu bar at the bottom of the Desktop. This will take a picture from the video stream for markup.
  2. Once the image appears, either party can markup the image. You will see different colors from each participant. If you use a mouse, click/hold the mouse. Mobile phone users just touch the screen with their fingers and move.
  3. The Markup Tool Bar on the right of the screen has multiple options: "Clear All" to clear all drawings,”Draw” allows free hand markups, “Rect” to draw boxes, “Text” to inset text,  "Save" to save the markup photo to session history and "Exit" to exit out of Markup.

Extract Text (OCR)

  1. Select Extract Text from the menu bar at the bottom of the ShowMe call window. This will take a picture of the video stream.
  2. Use your mouse to draw a box around and highlight the relevant text.
  3. There is a notification when the text has been extracted.
  4. Exit out of the Extract Text tool.
  5. Save the entire image to the session history.
  6. Save the cropped image from step 2 to the session history.

Live Pointer

  1. Click Pointer to turn on and off the Live Pointer.
  2. Once activated, any participant in a Video session call can “mouse” on the screen and the participants will see a colored dot on the screen. Each participant has a different color dot.

Remote Zoom

Zoom in during a Video session allows all participants in a call to be simultaneously zoomed based on the mobile device camera. Either call participant can choose to zoom 2x or 3x.

Screen Share

  1. Select Share Screen from the menu bar at the bottom of the Desktop. This will launch a pop window.
  2. Select the application window that you want to share by clicking on it.
  3. Click the Share button and your screen will show on the User device.
  4. To stop sharing click the Stop button in the center of the Desktop window. 

Pinch to Zoom

Pinch to Zoom, exclusively for mobile and works just like we are used to. Touch the screen with two fingers and expand/collapse the distance between your fingers and the image zooms in and out. Also, you can pan/move the image right, left, up, down to focus exactly where you want to focus. This functionality is GREAT for looking at screen shares of schematics, blue prints or anything else where you need to see more detail.

Participant Information

Detailed session information is available for the participants in a Video session. Click the Participants icon on the bottom left corner of the screen.

The Agent sees the information in an expandable drop down in the upper left of the Desktop for each participant.

This dropdown also displays information about the session CODE, the number of participants, duration, network quality, devices, and applications being used.


The Bookmarks feature allows the Agent to create commonly used labels to attach to Photos. If the Agent uses the same term multiple times, they can create this label and when ready press the Bookmark label to take a photo and attach that label to the picture. A count will increase for each photo taken during the Video session.

To activate this feature, simply press the Bookmarks icon on the bottom left of the tools bar and the Bookmarks list will be displayed on the left side of the Desktop.

When reviewing the photos taken during this session the Agent will see the Bookmark label, location (if enabled) and timestamp.

Session History Homepage

After signing in and after disconnecting from a Video session the Agent sees the Desktop Session History Homepage. The Agent has access to the following functionality:

  1. Access their Profile, Language and Settings by clicking on the icon with their name
  2. Invite additional or re-invite participants to join a Video session
  3. Copy the full session URL for the Video session
  4. Click on the individual Session Code to download all images to your computer. The (#) indicates the number of images that will be downloaded. Click on the download icon next to the Image Count. Only if saving images is enabled.
  5. Click on the individual Session Code to download all recordings to your computer. The (#) indicates the number of recordings that will be downloaded. Click on the download icon next to the Recordings Count. Only if saving recordings is enabled.
  6. End the session so that participants cannot rejoin the session.

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