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Track live location during a Video Call

Who can view this feature?
Blitzz Inspect Users on Pro and Enterprise

Live location Timeline feature shows an estimate of places your participant may have been during a video call and routes they may have taken based on the GPS coordinates. If they were moving or traveling during an inspection, you can track their approximate location.

Note: Depending on the GPS accuracy, the location may move around and would be accurate up to a few meters. This is not 100% accurate and may depend on several factors (see below for more details).

To view the Live Location Map:

  1. While you are on a call, click the Live Location button to view the live location
  2. Use the Map and Satellite to toggle between different map modes
  3. Use the Save Image Button to save the tracked location (This image will not be saved automatically)

Viewing Live Location on Mobile Devices

Agents/Hosts on the mobile browser can also view their end user's live location by clicking on More > Live Location

Downloading the Live Location Map with the Path Travelled

The live location will not be downloaded automatically and will need to be saved manually at any time you need to capture the path travelled.


  • "Live Location" Button is not visible

To enable live location, you need to have the "Guest Location" tracking feature enabled in Collaboration Profiles. Please contact your domain Admin to ensure this feature is enabled for your Call Expreience, and you are added to that Collaboration Profiles.

  • Live Location Button is not clickable 

This may happen if your Participants have not shared their location or if there is any trouble accessing the GPS location on their device. Try to start a new call or Reset Location services on your Participant's device.

  • Sometimes the map moves even if the user is stationary

The blue dot tells the location of your end-users. You may notice that the map keeps moves sometimes even if the user is stationary. Since it communicates with Radio towers and GPS Satellites to find your location, this may happen when the phone has limited or no GPS, Unstable internet connectivity issues, 

based on the end device's GPS strength and how accurately it can keep a track

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