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Call Scheduling a Blitzz Session

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As part of planning your Blitzz Inspections, you may want to schedule the session for later in the day or week. You will still have the option to send a connection request to communicate immediately, but this is a great alternative. To schedule a session go to New Session or Invite Guest, how you are currently initiating a call. Just make sure to press the slider next to Schedule Session:

This will display Date & Time options for your call to provide a scheduling window for the connection. Note, that you are scheduling a Start Date and Time as well as an End Date and Time. This window can be as long as you think the call will take (maximum duration is 365 days). When you click on the date a calendar is displayed so you can easily select a day. When you click on the time an hour, minute, and AM/PM window is displayed for your entry.  The Call Duration will reflect the timeframe entered. Don't forget you also have the option to specify the Time Zone if you support multiple time zones. After making your entries press Next to complete the connection option selection: SMS, Email, WhatsApp, or Copy link (depending on what has been activated for the Collaboration Profiles you selected).

Your Guest will receive the notification. Keep in mind your Agent will be able to start the session early if needed. If the Guest tries to connect prior to the Schedule Session window they will receive the message on their mobile device letting them know when the session begins:

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