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Capture Notes during a Blitzz Call

During your Blitzz Inspection, you may want to capture notes and other information on top of the Images you collect. This is activated through Settings - Collaboration Profiles. You will then have the opportunity to download the Notes for use with other applications or you can see it as part of the Word document generated after your inspection.

Go to Settings then select Collaboration Profiles and scroll down to the Features/Tools section. Look for Notes and enable this function. Make sure to Save the changes to the Collaboration Profiles!

To access Notes during a Blitzz Inspection make sure to select the Notes icon on the bottom left of the Tool Bar.

To Add a Note simply click on + New note. There is a place for you to enter a Title and then an area for the notes. It is a good idea to put a title to help identify your notation.

If you need to delete the Note simply click on the Note and press the trash can to remove the note. You can easily add or edit the not by selecting the pen icon.

You can view the Notes after the session has ended in the Session Details under the Notes tab.

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