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Silent Observer (Whisper and Mediate)

For our Enterprise edition customers, we are adding an option to allow for a person to join a session as an Observer to monitor and aid the Agent (host) without a Guest participant knowing. This can help with coaching Agents that need guidance. The Observer will be able to “whisper” instructions or suggestions only to the Agent. If needed the Observer will be able to join the Blitzz session as a regular participant (Barge/Mediate) for everyone on the call to “hear and see”.

Note: Silent observer will be counted in the participant limit for your group call.


Inviting a Silent Observer

1. While creating a new session

To invite the Silent Observer, use the same process as you would normally use to add Guest. Then in Step 2 of 2: Select how to invite Guest - make sure to mark Silent Observer. Complete the process by entering the mobile number, email address or WhatsApp.

2. Add silent observer to an ongoing call

During a Blitzz Session, an Agent can add a Silent Observer in the same manner as adding a participant. They are added by pressing the Add Participant icon and completing the screen below:

3. Adding from Session History

The other option is to copy the Observer URL from the Session History screen and send via email or chat.

Silent observer features

After joining the call the Silent Observer will see the following popup as a confirmation:

  1. Disconnect: leave the call
  2. Whisper: Speak to the agent/host in a call without other parties being aware
  3. Mediate: Join the call as a participant making their presence known to the Guest. Also known as Barge in.
  4. Take over: Take ownership of the call and become the host/agent. Coming soon.

Use Cases

Call center supervisor: Supervisors can silently observe an agent's call with a customer to ensure high-quality service, then barge in to calls to assist.

Group trainer: A group trainer can listen to an agent's call with a customer then whisper to the agent to provide advice on handling the customer.

Disabling Silent Observer feature

If you would like to disable the silent observer feature for your domain, please contact our support team and we will be happy to turn it OFF for your domain.

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