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This functionality provides an easy way to add a tag to a photo. Create a directed workflow by listing all the items that need to be captured. The image will have a timestamp as well as the bookmark label on each image.

Bookmark functionality is very versatile and can help in multiple use cases:

  • A directed workflow. List all items that need to be captured. Your Agent goes down the list and takes pictures by clicking on a label. That label appears on the image.

  • Training new users or helping existing users to complete all items as part of inspection for example.

  • Commonly used labels to be added to pictures taken at service calls.


Setup Bookmarks in Collaboration Profiles

Create Bookmarks in the Blitzz Session or Blitzz Settings

Bookmarks allow the Agent to create this tag on the fly, in the middle of the Blitzz Video session and then use it immediately. The other option is for the Blitzz Admin to create them for the domain in Blitzz Settings. 

  • Blitzz Video Session:

    • Tap on Bookmarks and a left side panel displays any existing Bookmarks. To take a picture and place tag on image click on label. A count will be displayed.

    • If there is not an appropriate label, type in Bookmark entry box the information you want as a new label. After entry is made it will appear on the list. Click on label and image is saved with the new tag.

  • Blitzz Settings:

    • NOTE: Blitzz Admin Settings are only accessible by an Admin user.

    • All Bookmarks are displayed. You can look at Live or Archive Bookmarks.

    • Each of the columns can be sorted. The columns are Bookmark Name, Created (Date), Created By, Frequency (number of times used) and Last Used.

    • Each of the Bookmark Names can be edited.

    • It’s easy to search for Bookmarks using the Search entry box.

    • Bookmarks can be archived.

    • Tap on Add Bookmark to create a new one. When you do the following screen is displayed for entry:

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