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Gallery view displays participant’s video in a grid pattern, which expands and contracts as participants join and leave the meeting. Disabling this feature will only show a single participant’s video at a time.

NOTE: When using Start/Stop Recording functionality, you must start/stop recording before Pinning a Participant. After Pinning a participant all enabled Blitzz Features/Tools will function and in the upper right of the desktop there will be an indication of Recording if it was started.

To Enable Gallery View

  1. Login as Admin and Go to Settings
  2. Select the Collaboration Profiles you would like to enable Gallery View for
  3. Scroll down to Enable Gallery View and toggle it ON
  4. Depending on the host’s device, there may be multiple cameras available for the session. To ensure the correct video is presented or disabled there are three options:
    • OFF - This requires the Agent to Start Video manually
    • Front Camera - Uses the Device’s Front Camera on join
    • Back Camera - Uses the Device’s Back Camera on join

Using Blitzz Tools like Markup

Now that you have the videos on the screen, how do you access the tools at the bottom of the screen? Pin video for all participants by simply clicking on the participant’s picture you want to use with the Blitzz tools. This will move that view to the middle of the screen and Blitzz looks exactly like it has in the past. Use the tools; take photo, markup, extract text, etc. When finished you can return to the Gallery View by clicking on Return to Gallery View on the lower right side of the screen.

Video call views:

Agent Desktop View

Guest Mobile View

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