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Download and View Images after a call

If you have been using Blitzz storage, the images and recordings are stored in our secured cloud servers for 180 days. You may download them anytime within that timeframe. Otherwise, images and Recordings (if enabled) will be stored in your custom storage according to your timelines.

To access those images and recordings, please read the section below:

iPhone / iPad (Safari Browser)

Check your storage: First things first, have you got enough storage space available? Not sure how to check? Click here to find out how.

  1. Navigate to the session history and click on Download Images icon
  2. Click Download in the confirmation popup. Notice that the downloaded icon will now appear at the top right corner.
  3. Click the icon and select your recently downloaded file. If this is the first time, you will be redirected to download the Files app. This is required to unzip the compressed folder. (Click here to download the files app)

Android Phone / Tablet Chrome Browser

Check your available storage: On your phone's Settings app. Tap Storage to see the available and used storage space.

  1. Navigate to the session history and click on Download Images icon
  2. Click Continue in the confirmation popup to enable storage access. This will start downloading the files in your Downloads folder.
  3. Swipe from top to bottom, and locate the downloaded .zip file. Tap on it to open in file explorer. Some file explorers may require you to manually unzip the folder.

Windows / Mac OS Chrome Browser

Click here to see instructions.


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