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Quick Fixes

  1. Toggle Camera - Enable and disable your video or look for the change camera option under settings during your call. Try to swap multiple times if needed.
  2. Try a Different Web Browser- If you find one web browser is problematic, you can use a different supported browser.
  3. Free up computer memory: If your computer is running low on memory, try to close all browser tabs and unused applications to free up memory.
  4. Clear browser cache: Try and clear your browser’s cache. In Google Chrome, click on the ‘More’ icon (three vertical dots) on the right side of the address bar and select ‘More tools’ from the menu. A sub-menu will open. Select ‘Clear browsing data’ from the list of options. Select Browsing history, cookies, and cache and click the ‘Clear data’ button.

Camera used by other applications

Use the camera in one application at a time... including Blitzz. Close all other telecommunication services that use your camera (have Blitzz open in one place), then refresh your page to restore video.

Update Your Web Browser

Click here for steps on how to update your web browser.

Restart Device

Sometimes a frozen screen is a symptom of an outdated or broken driver. The easiest way to potentially resolve a broken driver is to update and restart your device. 

If you are using multiple telecommunications services on your device, restarting your device to resolve frozen camera is highly recommended.

Cameras drivers (especially Windows devices ) can break at a moment's notice.

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