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Headsets can improve audio quality by minimizing echo challenges. We recommend the use of a headset in order to provide acoustic isolation between the speaker and microphone, and therefore minimize echo. That being said, headset selection should be made carefully.

PC Headsets: For lower-end PC hardware, we recommend USB Headsets over 3.5mm standard audio jack headsets. This allows you to bypass the native soundboard. For machines with a higher-end integrated soundboard the 3.5mm connection should be fine.

We have tested with a variety of Plantronics and Logitech headsets. A full list of tested headset hardware will be made available in the future.

Bluetooth Headsets: Bluetooth headsets can present unique challenges, as each headset operates slightly differently. If your headset came with a USB Bluetooth adapter, we recommend you pair it with the included adapter, rather than your device’s native Bluetooth receiver, to avoid interoperability issues.

Please note that Bluetooth support on mobile devices can vary significantly, and some devices may not provide the programmatic ability for Bluetooth answer/hangup buttons to be passed to non-native applications.

Static noise: Static and white noise issues with your client audio can often be due to a misbehaving or misconfigured headset. If you are experiencing static, try reproducing this issue with different headset hardware or no headset hardware in order to narrow down potential sources.

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