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Set Logo by Collaboration Profiles

Who can set this feature?

Users with Enterprise Plans!

If you have a need to show a specific Logo when conducting a Blitzz session this is possible by setting this up from your Admin Portal. Keep in mind the default Logo for Collaboration Profiles will be the company logo. So if the use case requires a different logo follow the steps below to change the default.

To configure the Logo:

  1. In your Blitzz account, click the settings icon in the main navigation bar. 
  2. In the left sidebar menu, navigate to Collaboration Profiles
  3. Select a Collaboration Profiles to update.
  4. Next to the Collaboration Profiles Description box is displayed the current logo, default is the domain logo, with a pencil above it. Click on the pencil to update the logo. Edit Collaboration Profiles is displayed and you can update the Name and Description as well.
  5. Click on Upload logo to update with a new logo.
  6. Press Next after updating the logo.

NOTE: After clicking on Next enter your information and reason for the change. This is important for audit purposes.

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