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Manage Idle User Session Timeout - Session Duration

Who can view this feature?

Users with Admin Role on Enterprise Plans!

For added security, you can limit how long your members are signed in to Blitzz on their Mobile or Desktop (we call this a session timeout). When you set a session duration, your user will have to sign back in periodically. ⏳

  1. Sign in as an Admin or Super Admin and Navigate to Security and Privacy
  2. Then click Idle User Session Timeout
  3. Click the Toggle Switch to enable this feature
  4. Select the amount of time in minutes after which the session of an inactive user expires and they will be required to log in again. You can enter a value from 15 minutes to 129600 minutes (90 days).


  • Any changes to session duration will take effect the next time a user ends their current session and signs back into Blitzz.
  • By default, an inactive user's session expires after 129,600 minutes (90 days) if Auto-logout is disabled.

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