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Where are Blitzz servers located? | EU Customers

Where is my data stored?

Blitzz is hosted with Azure Web Services and the default location is Azure US. The data center hosting location applicable to each Blitzz customer can vary if an organization uses our data residency feature. 

Data residency for Blitzz allows global teams to choose the region where certain types of data at rest are stored.

What type of data supports Data Residency?

The following categories of customer data will be stored at rest in a data center within the Customer’s selected region as of the date data residency is enabled:

Call Media

For any media that is captured during the call or uploaded to a session (eg. Images, Chat messages, markups, OCR, Call Recording) - we allow customers to use a region of their choice on AWS or Azure servers. Refer to this article to set up your own media storage endpoints.

Call Routing

If you are recording the calls, you have the option to route the calls through your region of choice. Read this article to learn more about Call Routing. Contact our Sales team to set up data residency for your organization.

Data stored outside the data region

User Details

The following categories of data may be processed and stored in regions outside of the customer’s data region:

  • Blitzz member profiles
  • Domain and Call Routing information
  • Data used to measure seat count, usage, and revenue
  • Data used for analytics and to measure the quality of service, ex. sanitized logs
  • IDs generated by Blitzz on behalf of the customer

We recommend using SSO/SAML integration if you prefer all authentication to happen on their servers and no user passwords are stored on our accounts.

Data migration

If a new domain or Enterprise plan is set up in a data residency region, customer data will be stored in the selected region starting the date the workspace or org is created.

For existing customers wishing to enable data residency, all newly generated user data will reside in the selected region. Existing user data will continue to reside in the United States, but the customer can request to migrate existing data to their selected data region by contacting our Sales team. Based on the amount of data, there will be an additional one time charge for this service.

Commitment to GDPR

Does the GDPR require EU personal data to stay in the EU?

The GDPR does not require EU data to reside in the European Union. Blitzz' Data Processing Addenda and the European Union’s Model Clauses (Standard Contractual Clauses) will continue to ensure compliance for EU personal data transfers outside of the EU. Our Data Processing Addenda are available to all customers regardless of the Blitzz plan they are using.

Learn more about GDPR here.

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