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Disaster recovery and business continuity

Our business continuity plan (BCP) outlines the processes and procedures that we follow when faced with any malicious attack, like data breaches, malware attacks, natural disasters, or common human errors and system failures.

Application Data

For redundancy, application data is stored on resilient storage that is replicated across data centers. Data in the primary DC is replicated in the secondary in near real-time. In case of failure of the primary DC, secondary DC takes over and the operations are carried on smoothly with minimal or no loss of time.

We have power back-up, temperature control systems, and fire-prevention systems as physical measures to ensure business continuity. These measures help us achieve resilience. In addition to the redundancy of data, we have a business continuity plan for our major operations such as support and infrastructure management.

Microsoft Azure is an Advanced Technology Partner of Blitzz. By building within the Azure environment, we benefit from all the partnership has to offer. Our applications/services are hosted in separate Availability Zones (AZ) using industry-standard practices to copy data across multiple AZs in real-time.

Media (Images and Recordings)

We offer our customers to use their own storage servers on Azure or AWS, to facilitate custom HA/DR requirements, time to live, and security controls. Learn more about custom storage here.

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