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How many participants can I have on a Blitzz Call?

Non-recording Calls - 10 Participants:

Blitzz limits the number of participants to 10 people (1 host + 9 Guests) if you are not recording the call.

Recorded Calls - 4 Participants:

For calls that are being recorded, Blitzz limits the number of participants to 4 people. (1 host + 3 Guests)

Need more participants? - Custom Request

Blitzz is designed to support up to 50 participants during a video call. If you need more participants, you can request for a custom configuration. This will require high volume commitments (Eg. Call minutes per year and number of concurrent participants per call) with an annual plan so our Engineering team can allocate computing resources accordingly.

Please contact our sales team for details.

Please note that if any of your participant starts screen share from an iOS device (iPad/iPhone) using the ShowMe App, they will join the call as an additional participant and will count towards the participant limit.

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