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Can I increase the size of captured images?

We use an advanced loss-less compression algorithm to reduce the size of the image while maintaining the best image quality. We do this so that the video call quality is not compromised during the call while an image is uploading. When the remote users is on a wireless network (4G/LTE/3G) it may take several minutes to upload an image that is greater than 1MB while continuing the video call.

Based on your use case, we can customize the image size to fit your requirements and work with your team to test it in your real world. We do not always recommend this approach and may involve custom work.

Meanwhile, there are 3 ways to increase the size of the image by approximately 2x:

  1. Use the ShowMe Mobile app instead of a Mobile browser. Apps are better at data management and processing compared to the browser.
  2. Change the video resolution to HD in Collaboration Profiles
  3. Capture images in Landscape mode (and not in portrait mode)

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