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What data and metadata from Salesforce will Blitzz have access to?

The purpose of this document is to provide details about the data and metadata types to which the Blitzz app may have access to from the Salesforce.


  1. Username: Blitzz App will send the Salesforce username to authenticate the user in the Blitzz console app. This data will be shared over secured login API to authenticate the user in the Blitzz console and store the access token in Salesforce.
  2. Reference Id: Blitzz will store the case record as a reference field. This information can be used for reporting purposes, and also to push back data regarding Call Logs back into Salesforce.
  3. Phone number: Blitzz app may have access to the phone number provided in the case record. This information will not be stored on Blitzz Servers. Blitzz will redact the phone number immediately after an SMS it sent, and before storing it anywhere.
  4. Case comments: Blitzz app will have "Create" access to the case comments object. This will be used to add call logs to the case comments.
  5. Connected app: Blitzz app will have access to the connected app to lookup Client ID and Client Secret to authorize the salesforce user accordingly.


  1. Custom Settings: We will create custom settings to store the access token, API credentials, and API End Points for the managed package.
  2. Custom metadata type: These are typically used to define application configurations that need to be migrated from one application to another.
  3. Custom object: Custom object will be used app configurations. For example, Blitzz will sync the language-translation strings using custom objects in case your salesforce instance supports multiple languages like English and French.

More information on Data storage and Redaction can be found on our support portal:

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