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After you have installed the package from App Exchange or as a Managed Package, please refer to these steps to set up and configure your Blitzz Integration within Salesforce.


Package Activation with Blitzz API Key

To install and configure a package, you will need the Blitzz API key for your account. If you dont have your API Key, please contact us at
  1. After you have installed the application, you will be redirected back to Installed Packages in your Salesforce Org. Here, locate the Blitzz Package and click Configure to launch the Blitzz Settings page.
  2. On the Blitzz Settings page, under "Add your Blitzz API Key" click the "Named Credentials Package" link. This will open the Named Credentials Package in a new tab.
  3. Click the Edit button, paste your Blitzz API key in the Password field and click Update.

Video Call Widget configuration

  1. Under the Map objects to auto-fill Blitzz Session details, select "Map new object" and select your option (Eg. Cases)
  2. In the options below, select a field for:
    1. Reference ID: This is a unique identifier to map a Blitzz session with a Salesforce ID (Eg. Case ID)
    2. Phone number: This is the phone number that will be auto-populated for sending an SMS invite. Select the source field for your contact's phone number.
    3. Email: This is the email address that will be auto-populated for sending an email invite. Select the source field for your contact's phone number.
  3. Click Create and Save.
  4. Next, under the Phone Feature Setting, select the format in which phone numbers are stored in your Salesforce Organization.
  5. In the Video call layout settings, select how you would like the video call to connect within Salesforce as an iFrame embed, or open a new tab for view. (Note that the new subtab option works only in the console App such as service console, sales console, or a custom console app.)
  6. Data Storage option allows you to allow your users to view captured images and recordings from within Call History page.
  7. Click Save Changes.


Adding Blitzz Remote Visual assistance widget to your Page

  1. Navigate to the page where you would like to add the Blitzz widget. Eg. Sales console app from the app launcher.
  2. Open the record of that object and click the Gear icon and click on the Edit page option. This will redirect you to the lightning page builder.
  3. In the Page Builder, drag-and-drop to embed "Blitzz Video support" based on your page layout and preference.
  4. Tip: use the tabs option to display Blitzz Call History component.

Adding Blitzz Video Caller to Utility Bar

Note: Since the calls initiated from Utility bar are not tied to any objects like case or leads, they will not be auto-populated with details like Reference, Phone Number, etc.

  1. Click on the Gear icon > click setup > App Manager
  2. Click the arrow and select edit option for Sales (Lightning)
  3. Select the Utility Items and then click on Add Utility Item button.
  4. Search and select Blitzz Video Support from the search bar and click Save

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