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This feature is available on All Subscription Plans including Professional.

Enable WhatsApp Invitation for your Collaboration Profiles

To start sending a WhatsApp invite, first ensure you have enabled this option from your Collaboration Profiles Settings.

  1. Login as an Admin
  2. Navigate to Settings > Collaboration Profiles
  3. Select your Collaboration Profiles and scroll down to WhatsApp Invitation and turn if ON
  4. You can also set WhatsApp invite as a default method under the Default Invitation Method setting

Sending a WhatsApp Invite

To send a WhatsApp invite, create a new session with the configured Collaboration Profiles, and select the WhatApp Tab.

Joining a call Using the WhatsApp link

When your guest participants receive a WhatsApp invite using Blitzz the first time, the URL to join the session may not be clickable. That is a security measure for spam control (clickjacking) implemented by WhatsApp.

To make the link clickable, ask the receiver to:

  1. Click Continue when they open the Chat window in WhatsApp
  2. Notice the link is now clickable.

This needs to be done only once. Next time you receive an SMS from this number, it will be clickable.


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