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Data Redaction (PII information like Phone number and Email)

Customer privacy is a big deal to us at Blitzz. To improve privacy for our customers, we offer Phone number end Email address Redaction, which allows the redaction of last four digits of guest user's phone numbers, and a part of the email address. 

For example:

This feature is enabled by default for all accounts and is a requirement for our PII compliance. There is no way for us to retrieve the email or phone numbers that you enter as they are redacted before being stored in the database. Numbers / Emails will also appear redacted in Reports and Call history logs.

Blitzz uses secured service providers that are HIPAA and SOC2 certified to relay and deliver SMS messages across to the final destination. There are extra charges if you are interested in enabling redaction at the ISP and network level.

Note: If you are using REST API to create invites, your messages will not be redacted automatically. Please contact our support team if you would like to redact messages sent through REST API.

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