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GDPR, LGPD, and HIPAA Compliance

GDPR is an important privacy and security policy for those living in or communicating with participants in the European Union. Blitzz is GDPR compliant with all of our plans.

Blitzz allows you to comply with GDPR and LGPD because: 

  • GDPR language included in our privacy policy - Our privacy policy includes GDPR-specific language and more details on third party information.
  • You can enable custom terms of service - GDPR requires specific opt-in for anyone that needs to comply with GDPR. You will need to enable custom terms of service for your guests before they join the call.
  • Participant data is not stored - Blitzz does not store personally identified information about your participants, therefore there are no additional requirements for data storage protections.
  • We'll sign a Data Protection Addendum - GDPR requires we sign an EU Data Protection Addendum with youTo get the addendum signed, contact us.
  • You can request to delete or update data - A user has the right to contact us to correct, access, or delete information.

Are Email and Texts Invitations HIPAA Compliant?

You can send email and text invitations to guest users. To help you maintain HIPAA compliance we limit what you can send. Specifically, we don't allow the message body to be edited so you don't accidentally enter protected information.

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