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Blitzz’s security model, world-scale infrastructure, and a unique capability to innovate will help keep your organization secure and compliant.


Customer data protection

Access to customer data by Blitzz operations and support personnel is denied by default. When access to customer data is granted, leadership approval is required and then access is carefully managed and logged. The access-control requirements are established by the following Blitzz Security Policy:

  • No access to customer data, by default.
  • Grant the least privilege that's required to complete task; audit and log access requests.

Blitzz support personnel require Multi-factor authentication and access is granted only from secure consoles.

All access attempts are monitored and can be displayed via a basic set of reports.

More information can be found in Blitzz’ InfoSEC Policy document.

Data Security

Blitzz provides customers with strong data security, both by default and as customer options by using custom storage accounts.

Encryption: Encryption of data in storage and in transit can be deployed by customers as a best practice for ensuring confidEnentiality and integrity of data. It is straightforward for customers to configure their Azure or Amazon cloud services to use SSL to protect communications from the internet.

Data redundancy: Blitzz helps ensure that data is protected if there is a cyberattack or physical damage to a datacenter. Customers may configure their own data storage to support:

  1. In-country/in-region storage for compliance or latency considerations.
  2. Out-of-country/out-of-region storage for security or disaster recovery purposes.

Learn more about Blitzz Security:

Data Ownership


Blitzz will not inspect, approve, or monitor the content of any calls made in connection with Customer’s use of the SaaS Services. Blitzz also does not need to receive any PII or CPNI (as such terms are defined in the MSA) to provide the Technology, Services or otherwise perform its obligations. Blitzz does not claim data ownership over the customer information that's entered into Blitzz.

All data owned by the Customer (“Customer Data”) is securely stored and held as confidential. Customer shall have a period of thirty (30) days from the end of the Subscription Term to request, in writing, an export of any Customer data from Blitzz. Thereafter, Blitzz will delete and destroy all copies of data once the Subscription Term expires or is terminated. If you are on a trial domain, there could be a charge to export the data based on scope and size.

Video Call Data Routing

Blitzz allows you to select where your data will be processed and routed through in 9 regions across the globe to minimize last mile and latency issues:

  1. US East Coast (Virginia)
  2. US West Coast (Oregon)
  3. Ireland
  4. Germany
  5. Singapore
  6. Japan
  7. India
  8. Australia
  9. Brazil

For example, if you have your agents and customers in Europe, then you want to set Ireland or Germany as your Media Region property and have all the media data for the call route through the chosen data center. This reduces latency and improves call quality because the packets have to travel shorter distances and through fewer hops.

Data Storage (Media, Images, and Metadata)

Blitzz allows you to bring your own custom storage account with Microsoft Azure, AWS S3, or use our own highly secured and monitored storage account using connectors. This storage account will be used to save images and Video Recordings (if enabled) from the video calls.

Using Custom Storage (Azure or AWS):

Microsoft Azure Storage Blob: Azure offers a scalable storage account with 99.99% availability to bring applications closer to users around the world, preserving data residency, and offering comprehensive compliance and resiliency options for customers. Click here to learn more about Azure storage, privacy, regions, and availability.

Amazon Web Services S3: Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) is an object storage service that offers 99.99% data availability, security, and performance. Amazon S3 provides easy-to-use management features so you can organize your data and configure finely-tuned access controls to meet your specific business, organizational, and compliance requirements.

If you still have any questions, please contact our Support team.

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