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Custom storage endpoints | FAQs

Here are some commonly asked questions regarding storage endpoints.

  • How can I configure my own Custom Storage?
    Blitzz Allows you to use your own storage servers on Azure and AWS cloud for Media files like Call Recordings and Images. Please refer to these articles based on your prefered cloud service provider:
    Azure: Setup Azure Storage
    AWS: Setup AWS S3 Storage

  • Where are my images & recordings (if enabled) stored and how long are they stored there?
    If you have been using Blitzz storage, the images and recordings are stored in our secure cloud server for 180 days. You may download them anytime within that timeframe. Otherwise, images and Recordings (if enabled) will be stored in your custom storage according to your data retention policy.
  • Can I migrate my old data from Blitzz Storage to Custom Storage?
    Yes, if you have been using Blitzz storage and would like us to migrate your existing data to your new endpoints, please contact our support team. Based on the amount of storage we will recommend the best possible option. Please note there may be a charge for this service.
  • Can I re-configure my endpoints after I set them up the first time?
    No, Custom Endpoints can only be set up once, and cannot be re-configured again. If you need to re-configure them, please contact us as this will require data migration.
  • Can I rename the files or folders?
    Yes, we recommend using the Blitzz Admin Portal to rename your Files and Folders. We do not recommend renaming the files or folder names directly within your cloud provider’s backend (g. Azure, AWS), as it may break the mapping with Blitzz’ session history. Blitzz will not be responsible for any data loss.
  • Can I delete the files?
    Yes, you own the data on your storage. Blitzz will not be responsible for any data loss.
  • What data will be stored?
    Images, Chat Messages, OCR Extracted text, and Recordings (if enabled) will be stored in your custom storage. Notes will not be stored on custom storage.
  • What are the availability, security, and storage policy?
    This depends on how you set up your storage account with your cloud storage provider. (Eg. Azure, AWS)
  • Can I download media (photos, recordings, etc) from multiple sessions or users?
    Yes, after you set up your custom storage endpoint (Azure or AWS). You can then access the files using APIs provided by your storage provider. If you prefer to access them in a folder, you can use the Storage Explorer feature. Refer to this article as an example for MS Azure
  • After setting up Custom Storage, can I still download media from the Session History screen?
    Yes, the Agent can still download media (photos, recordings) by selecting the session then the media type.

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