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Is data stored on HA/DR servers?

We prefer customers to choose their own storage server on AWS or Azure. This allows them to set up HA/DR and security policies according to the company's policies. We will automatically push the call recording (after the call) and images (during the call) to your storage.

More information can be found here on configuring your storage endpoints:
Custom Storage Endpoints with Azure Cloud Storage

If you are recording the call and would prefer that your media is routed only through the Ireland region (or any other), we can configure that as well:

Where are Blitzz servers located (For call recording)

User credentials to authenticate against the Blitzz applicationĀ are stored in Blitzz Servers. The primary server is in North Central US, and a backup is in West Central US. We have never had an outage or downtime and the servers are 100% of the time available (please refer to the MSA for your availability commitments)

If you prefer not to store user passwords on the servers in the USA, we recommend using SSO/SAML authentication. In that case, only the token required for authentication will be stored in the USA. Refer to our documentation on SSO/SAML.

Enabling SSO/SAML (Single Sign-On)

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