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IP Addresses to whitelist in your custom storage (Optional)

We recommend whitelisting Blitzz URLs listed in the documentation for custom storage (AWS/Azure). However, if you need to specifically list out the IP addresses from where read/write requests can be allowed, you may use the following IP Addresses.

Please note that the IP Addresses may change over time, and you will be responsible for updating them from time to time. We will notify the account admins in advance.

In case of failures:

  • Call Recordings: If a request to store the call recordings on your storage fails, we will host the call recording on our storage temporarily for up to 3 days and manually retry after you have updated your IP whitelisting.
  • Images (markup and take photo): During a live video call, if Blitzz services do not have to write access to your storage account, the images will not be saved and the user will be notified with an error message. In this case, our backend team will also be notified and we will try our best to notify you as soon as possible. We do not have an option to retry the images as they will not be stored on our servers.
Virtual IP AddressesAuto-Scale IP Addresses

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