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How long does Blitzz keep my data?

Call history data such as Call logs, Call Duration, Reports, Number of Images, etc are stored in our database for up to 5 years.

Media files, such as Call Recordings and Images Captured during a call, Chat messages, etc are stored on our servers for 180 days from the date of capture. This applies to all accounts and plans except if you have set up custom storage. If you set up your own storage, you can control how long the data is retained. After 180 days, our automatic deletion process will begin. Data will be deleted from Blitzz servers, including backups, and cannot be retrieved.

Data Retention Policy FAQs

What happens if I request to delete my domain?

Once you request to delete your domain, Blitzz starts an automated deletion process. This process starts with a soft deletion, from that point on, a hard deletion occurs and removes all of the data stored within your Domain. This process may take a total of 30 days to complete.

Can I delete some of my data?

Yes, you can selectively delete specific data. To do so, you will need to set up custom storage and delete the files from your storage repository. In the future, we will be providing REST APIs for our customers to programmatically delete any data.

Do you have backups of my data? 

After a completed cycle of the deletion process described above, all backups will have no trace of data you have collected.

Can I request to extend or reduce the data retention period?

If you are using Blitzz Storage, we can provide custom data retentions. Eg. Delete my data after 3 days, or Keep my data for 365 Days. Please talk to our sales team to set up a custom data retention period. Alternatively, you can set up your own custom storage account, and choose how long you would like to keep your data at no additional cost.

What happens if I close my account?

If you decide to close your account, and you are no longer a customer of Blitzz, you can request us to delete your data. Based on your request, we will schedule your data for deletion within 30 days after your account is closed.

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