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Try our back up app if you have trouble connecting from the browser [ShowMe Download]

In some edge cases, your users may be required to downlaod and use the light-weight ShowMe app:

Common use cases for using an App:

  1. If you are in a poor network connection
  2. If you need to use advanced features like Screenshare from mobile, FlashLight.
  3. If your users have declined the permission for camera/microphone.
  4. If your collaboration profiles is set to "Force App Download" (learn more)

To do so

  1. Open the link received in SMS / Email
  2. Click on the Settings () Gear in the top right corner
  3. After installing, go back to the SMS and click on the link in the SMS. This should auto-populate the 9 digit code.

Here are links to download the app:



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