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Poor Video Quality: Image Upload Reason.

Certain use cases entail taking a lot of photos like with inspections. In such cases if the remote inspector keeps clicking away on the photo button or the markup feature and saving the images at a rapid pace, the video quality may suffer.

The main reason that this could happen is as you capture images during the video call in Blitzz, they are being uploaded in the background and that compete for bandwidth along with the video call itself. Fluctuating networks are the bane of any video app or browser-based video especially if images are also being uploaded simultaneously.  We have seen this in other cases and this is what we recommend:

Please ask the inspector to wait for the image to be uploaded before continuing with the video call and taking the next image. The banner on the top right indicates to the inspector when the image is completely uploaded. Then wait a bit for the video to stabilize and sharpen back to a good quality, because now the video is going to optimize itself after the image has been uploaded, and then continue taking other images with the same approach. This means you might have to wait up to 5- 20 seconds extra depending on the time the video takes to stabilize. Now, this necessary only if you need a good stable video between images. If not, you can click away and wait for just each image to be uploaded before clicking another. 

We are also looking into a batch upload feature where the images are uploaded after 10 or so of them have been saved to the guest's local device and then uploaded as a batch. This approach maintains the video quality until the next batch upload. Stay tuned for the announcement of this feature.


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