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Deactivate a Blitzz User

As Users change roles or leave your organization, it may be necessary to deactivate them from access to your Blitzz domain. A deactivated user is also not a named user that is charged a user license. Hence our recommendation is to deactivate users that are not using Blitzz. We are here to work with you to maximize usage and extract the greatest value. We make it easy for you to add and remove users for this reason but also realize that some of you add a lot of users and it might be a few weeks before all of them begin using Blitzz. Talk to us if this is the case as we do not want you to be paying for users that are not using Blitzz. We are here to work with you and maximize ROI.

Remove a User from Access to Blitzz

Users with Admin as their role status are the only ones allowed to deactivate a user from Blitzz. This is accomplished in Settings under User Management. Select the User and then click on Deactivate under the Action heading:

The following popup warning will be displayed:

Press Deactivate to remove user access from your Blitzz domain and they will no longer be able to sign on to the site.

History of Deactivated User

Once the user is deactivated, all stored images and recordings using Blitzz storage are stored in our secure cloud server for 180 days. If you need access to this information please contact us.

Also, keep in mind that we are GDPR compliant with all active and deactivated user data as stated in the following article.

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