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Terminology/definitions of reporting metrics


The tenant name. Generally the name of your company. Some users may belong to more than one domain.

User Status

  • Registered User: An authenticated user on the platform with a UserID/Email ID and a password
  • Active User: A registered user that has been a Participant in a session in the given time period
  • Deactivated User: An authenticated user account that has been turned off, hence restricting access to the platform
  • Invited User: A user that has been invited to the platform but has not signed in to the platform
  • Guest User: An unauthenticated user of the platform accessing ShowMe through invitation of a Registered User


  •  Call: ShowMe call between two or more Participants
  • Connected Call: A ShowMe session that lasts longer than 30 seconds. This is not a cumulative number (ie three calls with durations of 15 seconds, 10 seconds, 25 seconds are not considered as Connected Calls).
  • Failed Call: A ShowMe call that is shorter than 30 seconds. This also includes sessions where only one Participant joins the call based on your specific call experience.
  • Total Calls: Sum of the Connected Calls and the Failed Calls
  • Call Duration: Length of time that at least two Participants are in the same Session
  • Avg. Call Duration: Sum of the Call Duration of all Connected Calls divided by the total number of Connected Calls
  • Session ID (Code): Unique identifier for every Session. Generally a 9 digit code. This ID number allows Participants to join the correct session.
  • Reference ID: An optional field that Agent inputs to provide relevant tracking information prior to initiating a ShowMe call. (Eg. Case Number, Order Number, Customer ID, etc)
  • Participants: Agents, Registered Users, or Guest Users that connect to a ShowMe session
  • Agent: A registered user that initiates a ShowMe call
  • Agent Handle Time: The sum of the Agent Wait time + Call Duration for all connections/reconnections within a Session
  • Agent Wait Time: The time difference between when the Agent initiating a session and a second Participant joining the session
  • Session Start Date/Time: The date and time at which an Agent initiates the session
  • Session End Date/Time: The date and time at which all Participants disconnect from a session
  • User Name/Agent Name: The first and last name of the Registered user that initiated a session
  • Count of Participants: The numerical count of all the participants in a call. If a participant drops and rejoins, they are counted as a new participant.
  • Invite Message Type: The type of delivery for the message sent to invite a Guest or a Registered user; examples include SMS, WhatsApp, Email, Smartglass
  • Invite Message Sent Date/Time: The date and time that the Invite message was sent to a Guest or Registered User
  • Invite Message Contact: The contact (number, email, smart glass) that the invite message is sent to
  • Invite Country Code: The country code of where the invite is sent
  • Agent Device Platform (ie web portal or mobile): The device platform where the Agent initiated the Session; most commonly a computer using the web portal
  • Participant Device Platform (ie WebRTC, App, Smartglass): The device platform where the Guest Participant joined the session; most commonly mobile webRTC
  • Call Experience: Setting The name of the Call Experience that was used to initiate the Session
  • Bookmark Captured: The count of bookmarks captured
  • Image Captured: Count of images captured
  • Recording: Indicates whether the call was recorded or not
  • Distance: Straight line distance between Agent and Guest's location at the time of joining the call.

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