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Change your background on Blitzz video calls

Remove your real background and replace it with professional-looking images or any other video source, including pre-recorded videos.

Make your Bltzz work-from-home experience more fun, easy, and a bit more camera-ready with ManyCam. You can lighten the mood with virtual accessories, look more professional by brightening up the lighting, and avoid cleaning up your workspace by using a virtual background. You can even skip some of your morning routines by adding makeup virtually?!


Please note: ManyCam is a third party application and not directly part of the Blitzz platform.

Setup Manycam for Blitzz 

  1. Download the Manycam desktop app - Review the terms and confirm that they align with your company's policies before installing. 
  2. Install the Manycam app and launch the program.
  3. In the Manycam app, select one of the backgrounds. Keep the app open, but minimize it to save on CPU usage
  4. Launch (or re-launch) your Chrome browser app and open Blitzz Web app
  5. In your chrome browser, select Manaycam as the default camera. Click the Chrome’s menu button (top-right corner) -> Settings -> Privacy and security -> Site Settings -> Camera. In case ManyCam is not on the list, please refer to this guide.
  6. Now open the Blitzz website in Chrome browser and start your call.

Pro-Tips for Blitzz and ManyCam

  • For virtual backgrounds, it helps if you sit in front of a single solid color that doesn’t match your skin tone, hair, or clothing. You can sit in front of an empty wall or hang a colored sheet behind you. This will help the ManyCam separate you from your background. (Or purchase a green screen from Amazon)
  • Have a good amount of light focused on your face and upper body. Ideally, set up more lighting from the front and less from the ceiling.
  • Please note: The ManyCam will add a lot more load on your CPU. Keep this in mind if running on a lower capacity machine.
    Please note: This does not work on mobile.
  • Enjoy adding more fun to your next Blitzz call!

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