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Debugging iOS Camera issues (for geeks)

There could be a few reasons why your Camera or Microphone could be blocked: 

1. Enable Blocked Permissions

  1. On your iPhone / iPad, go to Settings > Safari.
  2. At the bottom, select Camera and Microphone tabs.
  3. Ensure both are set to Allow. (Follow the same for location if required)
  4. Be sure to reload the page by selecting the reload button (the circular-arrow in the top location bar). 

2. Reset your iOS Browser

If you are still facing any issue, following these steps will clear your "Clear History", "Clear Cookies" and "Clear Cache".

  1. On your iPhone / iPad, Go to Settings.
  2. Scroll down to Safari
  3. Scroll down and you'll see three buttons: "Clear History", "Clear Cookies" and "Clear Cache".
  4. Press each of these three buttons in turn, answering yes when it asks if you are sure.
  5. Be sure to reload it by selecting the reload button (the circular-arrow in the top location bar).

3. Conflicting apps

If none of the above resolved the issue. It's likely that you have another application using the camera/microphone (Eg. Skype, Facetime, Zoom or telephonic call)

Try to close those apps, or restart your device.

4. Other tips

  1. Make sure you are not in private mode in Safari 11+ 
  2. Ensure your iPad doesn't have the zoom feature enabled
  3. If you are still unable to see yourselfin the video feed, you may need to check a few things in the following order:
    • Restart the Safari browser app
    • Make sure your camera works with FaceTime. 
    • Make sure there is nothing blocking the camera and is clean of any dirt or smudges
  4. On iOS 13 and up, you can also select the camera and microphone to be enabled by default:
    • Go to Settings on your device 
    • Scroll down and open Safari tab
    • Ensure Camera & Microphone are set to Allow
    • Make sure Request Desktop Site option is turned off




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