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How do I create a HAR file from my browser for a Support case?

Blitzz Support asked me to create a HAR file from my web browser to help them troubleshoot my support case. How do I create that file?

What is HAR File?

An HTTP Archive (HAR) file is a JSON file that contains the latest network activity recorded by your browser.

How to create a HAR file in your browser

Google Chrome

  1. In the browser, at the top right, click the 3 dots and click More tools > Developer Tools
  2. With DevTools open in the browser, choose the Network panel.
  3. Select the Preserve log check box.
  4. Choose Clear to clear all current network requests.
  5. In the Blitz Portal, reproduce the issue from your support case.
  6. In DevTools, open the context (right-click) menu on any network request.
  7. Choose Save all as HAR with content, and then save the file.

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