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Blitzz Payment Terms and Instructions

Mailed a Check?

Starting February 28th, 2020, Blitzz will no longer accept mailed checks. If you have previously sent payment via mailed check, please update your payment method to one of the viable payment options listed below.

1. ACH / Wire Transfer (> $3,000 only)

Payments less than USD 3,000 must be made by a credit card. For amounts greater than $3,000 we prefer electronic transfer, but credit cards are accepted as well. (Click here for ACH instructions, bank verification and W9)

Notice: Any bank or related fees born from the transaction are payable in full, and should not be deducted from the payment.

Download W9 Doc. 

ACH Instructions and Bank Verification Letter

2. Credit Card Payments

Please use the link in your invoice to pay using a credit card.


Does Blitzz Accept Purchase Orders?

If you already have an active subscription with Blitzz, you can send your Purchase Order to your sales rep who will make sure it is updated on your account.  Our internal sales ops will update the PO # on the account and will show on all future invoices.  Upon request, we can add the PO # to previously generated invoices.

Auto-Pay vs Manual-Pay

  • AutoPay:  Invoices are automatically paid with the billing info on file. Every monthly subscription is required to have a credit card on File for Auto-Pay.
  • Manual Pay: Invoices have Net 30 payment terms. You can contact Blitzz Billing to set up manual pay.

Which documents are available?

At present, only the Blitzz W9 form is posted for US-based customers to verify Blitzz' name, address, and taxpayer ID number. This is the most common tax statement requested from Blitzz. Please reach out to our Support team with requests for any other tax documents. We will continue to update the console experience and this explanatory article based on the common document requests we receive.

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