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File Names, Size, Format and Watermark

File Names

  • Images

    • All images are zipped and grouped by session code when downloaded. (this is a browser security feature)
    • Folder Name: CompanyName_UserFullName_Code_images
    • File Name: UserFullName_reference_timestamp_image_count.jpg
  • Call recordings

    • This applies only if you have a call recording feature enabled.
    • All recorded files will be stored in a single folder named by the 9 digit code. (Eg. 123123123)
    • There will be a separate file every time the call disconnects and reconnects.
    • Filename: domain_reference_timestamp_recording_number.mp4

Read this article to learn more about call recordings.

File Size

  • Images

  1. Location Image: This is the map location of the guest user and is captured only if enabled for your collaboration profiles The size of this image depends on the number of colors, map points, roads, and variation in the image and can range from 50KB to up 500KB.
  2. Captured Photo / Markup Image: These are high-quality images captured during a session or mark up images. The resolution of these images depends on multiple factors like the network strength, device, screen resolution, and device camera.  Based on those factors, our compression algorithm automatically compresses the images to minimize loss. These file sizes may range from 60KB up to about 200KB sometimes.

  • Recording

Recording generally uses ~65MB of storage per ten minutes of video call. This is an approximation since the resolution and types of video or screen sharing content could change the amount of storage used.

Timestamp Watermark

  • Take Photo: For images using the "Take photo" feature, we will watermark the image with a timestamp the user who is sharing the video.
  • Save the image using ORC/Markup: For images using the "Take photo" feature, we will watermark the image with a timestamp the user who initiates the markup or OCR feature.

Sample Images:

Map image Example with Watermark

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