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How does Blitzz send SMS Messages?


Blitzz uses a scalable cloud communications platform to send SMS messages. When a named user on the Blitzz Platform enters a phone number in the SMS field on a web browser, we send that message to our cloud platform using REST API. From there, its sent to the network operators. 

Number Redaction

No phone numbers are stored on our servers as they are redacted before they are saved (Eg. +18887643772 > +1888764XXXX).

Short Codes in USA and Canada

We use Short Codes in USA and Canada (July 2020 onwards). 

Ensuring High SMS Delivery

We have a pool of dedicated phone numbers. Our system automatically spreads the outgoing SMS traffic over multiple numbers for higher delivery rates. These numbers are geographically selected to Geo-Match the receiver and to create a local, familiar experience.

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