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How much battery is used on average per video call?

Since Blitzz does not require an app download, your battery is consumed only for the duration of the call. As there is no app installed, there is nothing left on your device after the call is disconnected.

Battery consumption depends on the device and how it handles battery management. Various factors come into play such as the phone quality, camera resolution, screen brightness, and age of the battery. Also if the speakerphone is being used for the call it may impact battery consumption differently.

Here are some tips to maximize battery life

  • Reduce the display brightness
  • Disable location services (if not required)
  • Disconnect Bluetooth devices (like a smartwatch)
  • Reduce speaker volume
  • Avoid extreme ambient temperatures (62° to 72° F / 16° to 22° C)
  • Force quit unused apps
  • Avoid poor reception areas
  • Disable notifications
  • Enable lower power mode (some devices reduce functionality to save power, this can cause reduced performance)

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