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Making your first ShowMe call in Zendesk

Install and Setup

First, ensure you have the Blitzz app installed and configured for your Zendeck Domain.

This article covers

Making your first ShowMe call

  1. Open an existing Zendesk Ticket
  2. Click Apps on the top Right select the Blitzz App.
  3. Select your invite method (Eg. SMS). This can be configured from your Blitzz Admin portal {company-name}
  4. Enter the Guest Users Phone number (or email) and Click Invite & Join
  5. Blitzz call will launch in a new popup window, so ensure you have popup enabled in your browser.

Capturing and Saving Images

If saving images is enabled for the Call Experience in your domain, you will be able to capture images during a call. These will be automatically saved to your Zendesk Ticket as an Internal Note, and only visible to Internal agents.


Call Recordings (Custom Integration Available)

We see customers frequently asking us about storing recording to their Zendesk Ticket. Based on your Zendesk plan, the maximum file size for attachments in ticket comments vary based from 1MB to 20MB.

Video files are generally larger than 20MB depending on the duration of your call and so we do support storing them into your Zendesk environment. We recommend using Custom storage like Azure or AWS to push the recording and then saving a link to the recording in your Zendesk ticket. 

Recording Feature for Zendesk is not currently available. This requires a Custom Integration at this time. Please contact us.


If you run into trouble, or just need a little help, please contact us and we will be happy to help.


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