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Follow these steps to set up your Blitzz for Zendesk Integration.


Step 1: Install the Blitzz Package

  1. Login as Zendesk Admin Portal > Manage > Marketplace
  2. Search and Install Blitzz from the Marketplace


Step 2: Generate Zendesk API Token

  1. In our Zendesk Admin portal, click API > Agree to the terms and Continue. (this step may not show up if this is not your first installation)
  2. Open OAuth Clients at the top menu
  3. Fill out all the details as requested. For Redirect URLs, use
  4. Make sure you copy and save the Secret Key.




Step 3: Enable Zendesk Integration in Blitzz

  1. Now navigate to your Blitzz Admin Portal > Settings () > Integrations > Zendesk
  2. Click Settings and enter the Zendesk OAuth Secret and Zendesk Domain URL (see image below)
  3. Click Connect.


Step 4: Test your Blitzz integration in Zendesk

  1. Navigate back to your Zendesk environment.
  2. You should see the package installed. Click Allow.
  3. Open any ticket, click the Apps and start your session!

Note: On your first install, we may need to log out and log in again to authenticate your Blitzz app.





Enable Popup blocker

If you have popups blocked or (incognito mode) please ensure if you have enabled popups to launch the Blitzz Video Call screen.

If you run into trouble, or just need a little help, please contact us and we will be happy to help.


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