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What is a Session? Session vs Call

  • Every new Blitzz session that is created gets assigned a unique 9-digit Session code to identify the session
  • You can share the invite with as many participants as you like to a session over SMS/Email/WhatsApp. 
  • By default, only 4 participants can be on a group call. If someone disconnects they can be replaced.
  • Each session can have any number of calls. A call is when the host or participant clicks the connect button.
  • The cumulative duration of all calls per session is 60 minutes. After that, a session is counted as a 2nd session even as the call continues beyond 60 minutes without interruption. Meaning your call will not be disconnected automatically after 60 minutes.
  • Every session expires by default after 30 minutes of inactivity. Meaning, if there are no participants on a video call, the session will disconnect after 30 minutes from the time the last participant disconnected.
  • In your Reporting tab on your portal, we are reporting call numbers, not sessions. Please note the difference.

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